Soft Tissue Therapy and your Employees

One of the growing trends in motivating employees is massage therapy. Though sports massage might not seem like the obvious choice, it is possibly one of the best suited.

It can help to ease and prevent work related conditions such as back pain and stress for example. By decreasing and preventing these conditions and musculoskeletal dysfunctions, you could improve productivity, morale and absences.

As well as prevention, it can help to reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, improve sleep quality, and relieve headaches. Employees would recognise the concern you have shown for their health. Offering such a service, be it regular or maybe as a motivational tool for your employees, could set you apart from other employers within your field.

Not all massage treatments have to be done half clothed, with oil, for an hour. I am able to offer on site chair massage, in short sessions, specifically for the upper back, shoulders and neck. Let your workforce experience the benefits of massage therapy to their everyday work life and overall health.

For more information or to request price information, please get in touch with your requirements or questions.

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