Lazy Bum: The Importance of the Glutes

Your glutes are an incredibly important muscle group for many reasons, including playing a vital role in your body’s alignment, preventing injury and improving performance. They are the biggest muscles in the body. Most of us just sit on them. But therein lies one of their functions. They protect the bones around the pelvis and the large nerve supply into the legs with muscle and connective tissue. There are three main muscles in the group – Gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. The glute max is a large bellied muscle that pulls the thigh backwards and is therefore the primary muscle to propel us forward in walking and running. Glute med and min are smaller and have a differen

No Pain, No Gain?: Sports Massage needn't be painful to make a difference

The majority of clients that I see expect their treatment to be painful. Some are of the impression that if it doesn’t hurt, it is not doing them any good and will not be beneficial. Most clients come to see me because they are already experiencing pain symptoms, I don’t want to increase that. Pain is not an unavoidable conclusion and although some sport and deep tissue work can be uncomfortable (often described as "good pain"), I will always aim to work within your pain threshold. Deep massage should only cause good, almost nice and certainly manageable pain only. You as the client are always in charge. I use a pain scale of 1-10 with my clients, and I always aim to keep the perceived numbe

High Heels: From the ground up - The facts about your Posture

When you take off a pair of shoes at the end of a long day, your feet feel great. There’s nothing quite like that feeling you get when you take your shoes off. Your feet have spent their life wrapped up in shoes and have become dependent on them. Wearing shoes has a dramatic effect on how we stand and move around. Heels (of any size) put us off balance, causing us to lean back compensating by misaligning our spine. Thick and cushioned soles insulate us, reducing sensory feedback from the ground. Stiff soles don’t allow our feet to bend where they naturally want to, which changes our gait. The fact is shoes alter everything, and not for the better. Wearing shoes weakens our feet and actually

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sports massage therapist farnborough

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